An Electric Utility Design Firm

Designing the Future


DDC Services:

The heart of DDC’s business is line design. DDC staff is capable of designing any project—from a single service drop to a several-hundred lot subdivision or a single pole replacement to an entire circuit rebuild. Additionally, DDC’s comprehensive capabilities extend to street lighting and project management. We can survey the land, design lines, and advise the utility company or approved contractor on future design. Our customers understand that this full-service focus allows them more time to build their business.




Department of Transportation/public relocation projects account comprise a significant portion of our line design business. We pride ourselves in seamlessly integrating our designs within civil plans to minimize conflicts, while providing the highest-quality line design solutions.

Additionally, we offer services in the areas of industry best practices training and procedure expedition. DDC has an extensive knowledge of design procedures used at various utilities. We also apply cutting-edge software programs like Micro Station--key to the design process and not used by many power companies today. We will share this knowledge and other industry best practices to move your design into the future at a reasonable cost.


Our line design work includes:

  • DOT projects
  • Relocations
  • Utility company projects
  • Subdivisions
  • Retail
  • Feeders
  • Reconductors




Street Lighting Design:


DDC’s street design includes roadway and area lighting, as well as decorative lighting designs for city streets, state roads, highways, parking lots, and athletic fields. DDC has been serving power companies and municipalities for more than a decade. Our electric design and lighting experience, creative approach, and intuitive understanding of lighting will meet and exceed all of your roadway and area lighting needs.

DDC’s street lighting services range from consultation to concept development to full program lighting design and management. Clients include local authorities, environmental interest groups, and local representatives. From construction of new lighting systems to the improvement of existing streets and highways, DDC has a proven record of success.


Our street lighting design projects include:

  • Major and minor roadway lighting schemes
  • CAD design techniques using AutoCAD, Micro Station, and AGI32
  • Feasibility studies
  • Material investigations and selection
  • Contract management
  • Project management
  • Area lighting such as parking lots and athletic fields

Our design techniques incorporate:

  • Decorative equipment, where appropriate
  • Measures to reduce light pollution and consideration to wildlife such as sea turtles
  • Building features
  • Selection of materials with consideration of architectural design standards

Project Management:


Project management is a growing area of business for DDC and an ideal fit for our full-service capabilities. Time-sensitive deliverables, shrinking staff, and tight budgets have forced companies and cities alike to assess how they manage their projects. DDC has extensive experience in the startup, design, construction, and completion of electric distribution line projects. Additionally, we utilize a strong communications campaign to keep the general public aware of timelines, milestones, and activities. We are flexible and adaptable to customer needs, with the forward-thinking innovation required to accomplish those tasks that will improve any process.


Successful change is the result of foresight, planning, communication, and the tools and resources for plan implementation. We have the necessary know-how and experience to assess your needs, provide solutions, and employ the changes required to achieve your goals.